Hi! Welcome to our new blog, we’re so happy you could join us. We’re Miquel and Catherine. We’ve travelled a fair bit between us and thought it was about time we made a blog to share our stories with the world and provide helpful tips for anyone who might find themselves in the same part of the world or the same situations as we find ourselves in.

We both love travel and being outdoors. A lot of our posts will be about places we have been hiking. We tend to travel only on public transport, which can sometimes be difficult as we want to go to remote places! We’ll share how we manage this in our posts. Along with the more outdoorsy stuff, we’ll share our trips to cities and the cultural intricacies we learn along the way – this is the stuff we wish we’d known earlier, for example, did you know in Japan it is rude to pour your own drink, but someone should do it for you?! Or did you know that in Argentina, work meetings start by greeting everyone with a kiss on the cheek, regardless of gender? Do this in Chile however and I’m sure you will get some strange reactions!

Miquel and I met in 2010 whilst volunteering on a nature reserve in the Ebro Delta, a couple of hours south of Barcelona. If you love paddy fields, birds (flamingos!), and deserted beaches you should definitely check it out. I (Catherine) lived there for 10 months, whilst Miquel visited regularly from his hometown further north. We’re lucky that our work allows us to travel. We are both researchers, Miquel researches invasive species, particularly birds, and how they are introduced and become established in new regions and I research Arctic and alpine rivers and how climate change is impacting them. Since we met, we’ve travelled a fair bit between us, including stints living in Austalia, Spain, the UK, and (currently) Japan, and trips to Greenland, Svalbard, California, Scotland, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Korea to name only a few! We hope you find our blog interesting. Feel free to leave us a comment and share your thoughts.


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